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DROUGHT RESPONSE As you’ve no doubt heard, Governor Jerry Brown announced California’s first-ever statewide water reductions on April 1. Citing a fourth consecutive year of very little rain and a winter of negligible snowfall in the Sierras (runoff from which constitutes much of the state’s summer supply), the Governor called for a twenty-five-percent reduction in residential water use across the board. His Executive Order describes several actions the state will be taking immediately, along with the strict water-conservation actions it will require of all Californians.

Many of the latter are things standard procedure for all Camrosa customers, but others are more strident: not watering street medians, for example, or sharply restricting irrigation on golf courses and parks.

As Cheri Carlson reported in the Star on April 8, several local agencies are being asked to reduce significantly more—thirty-five percent in Camrosa’s case. We’re still working with the state on refining that number, but cutbacks and sacrifices will be required of all of us. We’ll be updating this page often, and will communicate with you as we reach decision points in the process.

The State Water Resources Control Board is hearing and likely adopting Emergency Conservation Regulations on either May 5 or 6, 2015. Soon after that, we’ll be in touch regarding the next steps.

Since we called for a voluntary reduction in water usage last year, consumption in the District has fallen dramatically. Thank you all for doing your part. There is a ways yet to go, but as long as we stick together, stay responsible, and help one another out, we will be able to get through this thing okay.

To see how you can start conserving today, see our Conservation page.

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The Mission of Camrosa Water District is to meet the current and future needs of the community for water and sanitary services. Our products and services will be reliable, affordable, responsive and of high quality. At the same time, the District will prudently manage and maintain the District's assets, honor the public’s trust, and maintain public awareness and confidence in the District’s activities.

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