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Camrosa Water District is an independent special district dedicated to serving reliable, high-quality and affordable water. We serve 35,000 residential, agricultural and commercial customers in a 31-square mile area located in the southern portion of Ventura County. Each year, Camrosa delivers more than 14,000 acre-feet of water in three distribution systems: potable (drinking), non-potable, and recycled. We also provide sewer service to customers in the southwest portion of the District.

At Camrosa, we pride ourselves on being an efficient and innovative district committed to maximizing local resources that ensure continued reliability and affordability for our customers. We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and engaging in transparent and responsible financial practices. We hope this site helps you to get to know us better.

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Find out where we came from, who we are, and how we operate.

Customer Service

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Since our founding more than a half-century ago, self-reliance has been the cornerstone of Camrosa’s approach to water management and delivery. It drives what we do on a daily basis, and is the foundation of our vision for the future of our district and customers. So, exactly what is self-reliance? It’s the policy and practice of maximizing local, in-district water resources to reduce dependency on less-reliable, more expensive sources coming from out of the area. “Thinking local” is the Camrosa mindset for maintaining a diversified water portfolio that consists of water supplies from multiple sources. Learn more about the self-reliance water management approach, and explore the district’s Water Systems page for specific information on Camrosa’s treatment and delivery infrastructure.


Your water bill is a reflection of the processes involved in bringing water to your residence and/or place of business. While the actual cost of the water is free, it’s the treatment and delivery infrastructure that requires financial investments. For Camrosa, this includes two on-site water quality labs, a state-of the art desalination plant, a recycling facility, and numerous wells and reservoirs. Add in to the mix the expenses associated with powering and maintaining these facilities, plus paying the men and women who keep the whole system moving, and the costs add up quickly. So, our rates are a reflection of all that goes into maintaining our current facilities and systems, but also building in room for future projects and unpredictable events like droughts. Do the math, and you’ll see that, for most of our customers, our rates pencil out at just about one-third of a penny per gallon.


Customer Service is top of mind for everyone on the Camrosa team. Our lean organization of just under 25 employees means that we maximize our human resources to not only reliably and safely deliver water, but to problem-solve customer concerns in a timely, courteous way. Supported by our top-notch Executive Team, staff, and Board of Directors, Camrosa personnel bring a wealth of diverse experiences and knowledge to the table. And we’re always ready to help out in case of an emergency with on-call staff available 24/7. Have a question about payments or how to start service? The Customer Service page will get you to the right place.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Camrosa Water District is to meet the current and future needs of the community for water and sanitary services. Our products and services will be reliable, affordable, responsive and of high quality. At the same time, the District will prudently manage and maintain the District’s assets, honor the public’s trust, and maintain public awareness and confidence in the District’s activities.

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