Capital Improvement Fees

Water Capital Improvement Fees – Potable Water

See map below for Area designations. Non-potable water connections are not subject to connection fees.

Meter Size (Inches) Area III Area II Area I
3/4″ $2,500.00 $3,600.00 $4,800.00
1″ $4,175.00 $6,000.00 $8,025.00
1-1/2″ $8,325.00 $12,000.00 $16,000.00
2″ $13,325.00 $19,200.00 $25,575.00
3″ $26,650.00 $38,375.00 $51,175.00
4″ $40,825.00 $59,175.00 $81,675.00
6″ $79,675.00 $118,350.00 $158,500.00


Water Meter Fees 

Meter fees for potable and non-potable water are based on current meter costs. Contact Customer Service at 805.388.0226 for current pricing.


Private Fire Service Line Capital Fees
Meter Size Meter Fee
6″ or smaller $1,000
8″ $1,500
10″ $2,000

In addition to the Private Fire Line Capital Fees, Plan Check Fee and Inspection Fees will be charged for new developments based on the cost of improvements.

Note 1: For all meters larger than 1-1/2 inches, additional material and labor required for installation will be invoiced separately. Inspection fees:  $50 per hour


Sewer Capital Improvement Fees
Sewer Connection Fee: $4,675 per dwelling unit or equivalent
Sewer Permit Fee: $20 per dwelling unit or equivalent
Inspection Fees: $50 per hour


Water Capital Improvement Fee Areas
Area I South of Adolfo Road, from Calleguas Creek to Conejo Creek; then south of the 101 Fwy east of Conejo Creek.
Area II Mission Oaks and Santa Rosa Valley between Areas I and III
Area III South and east of the junction of the west end of Andalusia Drive and Santa Rosa Road; the east of Moorpark Road and Santa Rosa Road to the District’s northern boundary.