NIBs / RFPs / RFQs

REQUEST FOR EQUIPMENT PROPOSALS for GAC Treatment Facility: CWD is building a 2,300 GPM GAC treatment facility and plans to prepurchase GAC vessels and pH pretreatment equipment.

Technical Specifications & Standard Drawing Sheets

Camrosa’s Construction Specifications and Standard Drawings are available below. They can be downloaded and manipulated with AutoCAD.

We’re in the process of revising them, and will post updated versions when they become available.


Development Moratorium

It is the District’s policy that all new development mitigate new demand on the existing water systems.
As of 2014, this applies to all three classes of water: potable, non-potable, and recycled.
View full details on the moratorium in Resolution 14-08 passed by the Camrosa Board of Directors on August 14, 2014.