Non Potable Filling Station OPEN

Saturdays: 8am – 12noon

(*CLOSED during holidays, inclement weather or bad road conditions on Gerry Rd.)

Camrosa is offering a FREE nonpotable water filling stations. Camrosa customers can swing by the Rosita Pump Station at the intersection of Gerry Road and Rosita Road, about half a mile north of Santa Rosa Road in the Santa Rosa Valley. Bring a spill- and leak-proof container between 50 and 300 gallons and a copy of your Camrosa bill, and one of our operators will fill up your container for FREE.


Nonpotable water is diverted from the Conejo Creek (see our Water Systems page for more information) and may contain some groundwater, both of which are unfiltered and untreated. Camrosa does not guarantee the quality of the non-potable irrigation water. It is by definition non-potable, not suitable for human or livestock consumption.

Remember also that water is heavy! One gallon is about 8.3 POUNDS, so plan ahead about how you’re going to get the water back out of the container we fill up for you. If you’re filling up closer the 300-gallon maximum, make sure your vehicle can handle an extra 2,000+ pounds and be especially careful driving back. Camrosa is not responsible for any damages to your vehicle or equipment.