Recycled / Non-Potable Water System

In addition to drinking water, Camrosa also provides recycled / nonpotable water (the “purple pipes”) to some customers in the district for irrigation purposes. There are actually two systems: a recycled water system fed by Title-22 recycled water produced at the Camrosa Water Reclamation Facility, which provides irrigation water to CSUCI and nearby farms, and a non-potable “surface” or “creek water” system that provides irrigation water to agricultural and municipal customers from south of the freeway north along Santa Rosa Road to the western portions of Santa Rosa Valley.

The creek system contains surface water diverted from Conejo Creek, which is dominated by effluent from Hill Canyon Treatment Plant, and/or untreated groundwater. After diversion, surface water is stored in ponds and reservoirs before being delivered. This water is not filtered and receives no treatment prior to delivery. Camrosa does not guarantee the quality of non-potable irrigation water; it is by definition not suitable for human or livestock consumption, and may not be suitable for certain crop types. Non-potable water is delivered “as-is,” so to speak, and is intended solely for irrigation purposes.

If you are a customer using this class of water, you must have a service agreement in place. Agreements are typically completed with an application for new water service, and approved after an inspection of the property.


Rules and Regulations

Per Camrosa Ordinance 40, Rules and Regulations Governing the Provision of Water and Sanitary Services, applicants for non-potable water service are responsible for: 

Abiding by Camrosa’s Rules and Regulations regarding the use of non-potable water, available here

Obtaining and installing adequate and appropriate signage, painting exposed aboveground non-potable pipeline and appurtenances purple, providing quick couplers for hoses that handle recycled water, etc. (tags and other signage are available at the District office if you need additional or replacement markings)

Contacting Camrosa to inform the District of proposed changes to onsite systems prior to those changes being made (plans may be required)

Informing occupants, tenants, and/or subsequent buyers that the property is served with non-potable water

Please review the following documents if you are interesting in obtaining recycled water service and your property is equipped for it:



Applications for service can be completed at our district office at 7385 Santa Rosa Rd. during normal business hours (9:00 – 4:30 weekdays). Please call our office at (805) 388-0226 should you have additional questions.