Staff Directory

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Please provide the Name the account is listed under along with your Account / Customer Number (e.g. 00004215/00058643) or Service Address when calling or emailing us regarding your account. You will find your Account Number listed on your most recent water bill.

Contact information for specific staff is listed below.


Alexander, Donnie     Administration Specialist    482-8514

*Beard, Alejandra     Customer Accounts Representative     482-9513

Curson, Terry     District Engineer     482-8063

Keyes, Bill     Technical Services Advisor/Sr. Inspector   482-9625

Kiesewetter, Jude     System Operator II    469-6402

Kohr, Keith     System Operator II     469-6407

Lajoie, Jerry    Field Service Technician     469-6416 

*Llamas, Sandra     Senior Accountant     482-4963

Moland, Graham     Laboratory Technician     482-8563

*Navarro, Jorge     Field Service Technician     469-6413

Patacsil, Chris     System Operator II     469-6412

Phelps, Mike     Water Quality Supervisor    482-8563

*Pimentel, Stella     Sr. Customer Accounts Representative   482-5942

Prichard, Ian     Assistant General Manager     482-6562

Scholl, Jozi      Manager of Customer Accounts/Business     256-3330

Sexton, Tamara     Manager of Finance     482-8214

Smith, Joshua     System Operator I     469-6411

Stafford, Tony     General Manager     482-8342

Steinlicht, Chad     Electrical Instrumentation Technician     910-6884

Swann, Finnian     GIS/Engineering Technician     482-5143

Wahl, Kevin     Superintendent of Operations    482-8673

Willingham, Joe     Manager of Engineering & Operations     482-0643

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