Water-Use Efficiency Rebates & Info

Save Water, Save Money

Interested in ramping up your water-saving techniques? There are plenty of opportunities to do so, starting with upgrading fixtures and equipment inside and outside of your home. Check out www.socalwatersmart.com for information about rebates on specific products, including those listed to the right. Be sure to check that website BEFORE making a purchase, beginning a landscape project, or removing any turf: only certain products are eligible and some programs, such as the turf replacement program, require pre-project approval for rebate eligibility. Looking to save water and money for a commercial enterprise? Rebate programs for commercial customers are available on the website as well.

Camrosa does not directly administer rebate programs for our customers (more on that below); instead, we join with other water agencies online to cut out the middleman to make the rebate process more efficient.

Turf Removal

High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

Low-flow toilets

Smart irrigation controllers

Rain barrels

Water-efficient sprinkler nozzles

Commercial Devices Rebates

Commercial Water Savings Incentive Program


We often are asked about recommendations for individuals or companies that perform landscape design and / or maintenance, particularly when it comes to efficient water use. As a public agency, we’re not permitted to provide this type of specific information. However, we encourage our customers to use the California Landscape Contractors Association Web site at www.clca.org as a resource. The CLCA is a non-profit organization of landscape professionals, many of whom are experience with water efficient landscapes.

In addition, MWD offers FREE Landscape Irrigation Surveys for Camrosa residential and commercial customers. To participate in the commercial program, properties must have an irrigated area of 1-acre or larger, and eligible landscapes include those on: industrial and commercial properties, homeowner association common areas, and institutional sites like schools, parks, and government facilities. For more information on how to request a survey, please visit: https://www.waterefficiencysurvey.com/.


Calleguas Municipal Water District has a variety of resources available, including a beautiful online landscaping guide, “Garden Landscapes for Ventura County”. The guide provides an overview of landscape design specifically tailored to Calleguas’s service area in southern Ventura County. To view the guide, visit: Issuu reader embeds

Calleguas has an entire website with resources for water-efficient garden landscapes. Find events like classes and workshops on the “Resources” page, and information about how Ventura County gets its water on the “Ventura County’s Water Supply” page. For more information, visit: Home – Calleguas (landscapeischange.com)

The University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has answered common questions about water use efficiency in gardens and landscapes on their website. To find more information about landscape watering, plant selection, how to make the most of water during a drought, and more, visit: https://ucanr.edu/sites/UrbanHort/Water_Use_of_Turfgrass_and_Landscape_Plant_Materials/

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California hosts an online outdoor Watering Calculator. The Watering Calculator, developed by the city of San Diego, provides customized estimate watering schedules by zip code based on data from the California Irrigation Management Information System weather station network. The tool provides an estimate for the correct amount of water for your landscape or garden for a week during normal weather conditions. For more information on the calculator, please visit: https://www.bewaterwise.com/calculator.html


Our View of Rebates

Although some agencies provide rebates directly to customers for water-saving devices, Camrosa’s rate philosophy is not to distribute such costs across all our customers. Instead, we prefer to promote efficiency through education so that area residents can gain the skills and knowledge to practice wise water use on their own.

One important point to note about wastewater from our customers’ showers, toilets, sinks, etc. is that every drop of that water is reused in our district for non-potable purposes. CSUCI and nearby farmers use 100 percent of the highly treated recycled water we produce at the Camrosa Water Reclamation Facility to irrigate their properties. Additionally, septic systems in the Santa Rosa Valley help recharge the Santa Rosa Groundwater Basin, which we depend on for a significant portion of our local groundwater production. These aren’t excuses for using water inefficiently; instead, they are part of the reason that we direct resources to other programs and projects. We’re proud of our tight and tidy hydrologic cycle and work to make sure that every drop of water in the Camrosa service area is put to use.

At Camrosa, our top priority is to ensure that our customers can depend on a resilient, diverse water supply portfolio, and that’s where we invest our energy—and your money—first.