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After a great month in July, in which Camrosa customers reduced water use by 32 percent, August residental water production was down only 23 percent. Any number of things can contribute to increased water use, but the main driving factor is temperature, and, as we all know, late July and August saw their fair share of heat.

Governor Brown's April 1st Executive Order called for a 25-percent reduction statewide from water use in 2013. The State Board distributed that reduction over a number of conservation tiers, requiring different reductions from different agencies based on per-capita water use. Camrosa is required to reduce 32 percent over the drought period, from June of this year through February 2016.


In July of this year, California reduced 31.3 percent, continuing the trend of exceeding the statewide conservation target started in June. This means that the majority of the state's 405 urban water suppliers exceeded, met, or were within one percent their reduction targets.

Those that were not within that one percent, including Camrosa, received a Notice of Violation (NOV) requiring that agencies "comply with the Emergency Regulation immediately."

What the NOV did not mention, and what the state has not yet made clear, is what may happen to or be required of agencies who continue to fall short of their conservation targets, and how state actions may affect customers.

Most of our customers are doing an excellent job; reducing more than a quarter of residential water use over a three-month period is no small feat, and everyone's hard work is appreciated. We do, unfortunately, still have a ways to go, and probably another couple months of warm weather. So we need everyone to keep their efforts up and our reduction tracking towards that 32-percent target. If you're not sure where you are, you can check your usage with the Monthly Drought Tracker on the new bill format.

Visit our conservation page for tips and resources to continue conserving, and make sure you're meeting Stage Three Water Supply Shortage requirements:

  • Outdoor landscape irrigation is limited to TWO NIGHTS A WEEK, between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m.
  • Filling or refilling pools is prohibited except for health and safety reasons
  • No new potable water service will be provided
  • Water leaks are to be corrected in 24 hours
  • Wash-down of hard pavement is prohibited
  • Drinking water to be served only upon request at eating or drinking facilities

Stage Three also states that “the District may implement other water use requirements as determined by the Board to meet water supply shortage or water emergency conditions.” If additional drought contingencies arise and the Board determines further action is required, our customers will be duly noticed, and this page will continue to be updated. For details, see the Emergency Stages excerpted from Ordinance 40-15.


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