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Camrosa Board Declares


On May 28, 2015, the Camrosa Board of Directors signed and adopted Resolution No. 15-07 Declaring a Stage Three Water Supply Shortage in Accordance with Ordinance 40-10.

Camrosa’s supply-shortage stages are cumulative, meaning that the requirements of Stage One (adopted 08/27/2014) and Stage Two all apply under Stage Three. Below is a summary of requirements adopted by the Board on May 28:

  • Outdoor landscape irrigation (lawn watering, etc.) with potable water is limited to TWO DAYS A WEEK, between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 a.m.
  • Filling or refilling pools is prohibited except for health and safety reasons
  • No new potable water service will be provided
  • Water leaks are to be corrected in 24 hours
  • Wash-down of hard pavement is prohibited
  • Drinking water to be served only upon request at eating or drinking facilities
  • For details, please see our Emergency Stages with excerpts from Ordinance 40-10.

Stage Three also states that “the District may implement other water use requirements as determined by the Board to meet water supply shortage or water emergency conditions.” If additional drought contingencies arise and the Board determines further action is required, our customers will be duly noticed, and this page will continue to be updated.

Bringing the District to Stage Three is a recognition that the current drought needs to be taken seriously. We all need to increase our conservation efforts, Districtwide, to meet Governor Brown’s statewide potable water use reduction mandate. The State Water Resources Control Board’s emergency drought regulations, which are meant to achieve the statewide 25-percent reduction goal and went into effect May 18, 2015, divide California’s water agencies into conservation tiers based on residential gallons per capita per day water use in the summer of 2014. Camrosa Water District is in tier nine, which requires that residential, industrial, commercial, and public water users are being required by the state to reduce their water use by 36 percent.

Starting in June, we’ll be including some information on your bill to help you keep track of your water use compared to the 2013 baseline. A note on how to read that new bill will be included.

We—the staff and the Board—recognize that 36 percent is a big, imposing number, and that many of you are diligent water users who’ve been working hard for years to be as efficient as possible. Thank you for doing your part.

There’s a ways yet to go, but as long as we stick together, stay responsible, and help one another out, we will be able to get through this thing okay.

To see how you can start conserving today, see our Conservation page.

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The Mission of Camrosa Water District is to meet the current and future needs of the community for water and sanitary services. Our products and services will be reliable, affordable, responsive and of high quality. At the same time, the District will prudently manage and maintain the District's assets, honor the public’s trust, and maintain public awareness and confidence in the District’s activities.

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